• Aman Ullah Imran

    School Caretaker
  • I am a passionate, determined and uncompromising educational professional with a successful career in teaching, educational leadership and transformation, RIA

    Arshad Ashraf

    Head Teacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
  • I have been at the RIAB for 5 years and I love teaching the students at our school. 

    Azmat Khan

    ICT, English Teacher
  • Currently I teach Hifz to year 7 to year 11 students who also like me have a passion for the Quran, at Rochdale Islamic Academy.

    Hafiz Ansar Ali

    Hifz Teacher
  • As a teacher to young learners, I hope to influence and galvanise the students to becoming leading huffaz.

    Hafiz Sohail Anwar

    Islamic Studies Teacher
  • I have been making Science fun for our students at RIAB for 5 years. Science is a very fun and cool subject.

    Inam Yusuf

    Science Teacher, Curriculum Lead
  • Alhamdulilah, I have been teaching hifz and English language and literature at Rochdale Islamic Academy-Boys division ever since it opened in 2014.

    Maulana Abdus Samad

    Hifz, English, Islamic Studies Teacher
  • I am Moulana Ismail Siddique. I work in administration, pastoral and as a teaching assistant at Rochdale Islamic Academy for Boys.

    Maulana Ismail Siddique

    Administration & Teaching Assistant
  • I enjoy learning as well as teaching, here at Rochdale Islamic Academy we learn about all 6 British religions.

    Maulana M Abdul Monim

    Islamic Studies Teacher, PSHE Lead, Head of House System
  • I love working with the pupils at RIAB as i see them as the potential leaders of the future of Rochdale and beyond.

    Maulana Sayf Uddin

    Admin Manager, Deputy DSL